Hello, it feels great to have you here, on my space.
I am an ardent student and teacher of God’s Word, an Optometrist by training, a Writer, Public Speaker and Business Coach/Consultant. I help young business people, professionals, employees and other vocational workers who are unsure of, or unfulfilled in what they are doing (jobs/profession) to rediscover, define, develop and deploy their passion and get clarity in their life’s vision. I will guide and walk YOU through the steps and processes involved in this journey. I will help YOU build, grow and develop a profitable business from YOUR passion, remain steadfast on YOUR vision for life and ultimately enjoy the wealth of God’s Kingdom for YOU in righteousness.

I grew up in a clime where schooling was mandatory, and it was (and maybe still) believed that ‘education is the key to success’. And by education, they meant just schooling. What a fad!

I graduated from the university as one of the best in my class as a Doctor of Optometry. I followed the status quo of internship and National Youth Service. I still do Eye care practice by the side. These were worthy experiences, but something started happening … I was gradually estranged with the idea of being employed and being stuck with the monotony of going to the hospital and repeating the same routine daily.
What did I do? Introspection!
Have you ever taken time to speak with your inner self for a full hour?

I found out that all my life, I have always done what other people wanted, what they felt is good and best choice. I have always majored on getting people’s validation, and that’s the wrong reason to live! I got to the point of decision, it was either I lived intentionally, or I don’t. I had to rediscover my true passions and set out to develop it, and then help other people develop theirs too. Thus, I became a full time writer, speaker and coach.

Now, I write to evoke emotions and transform lives. I apply daily life happenings and occurrences in terms of stories and extract the lessons therein to feed my tribe, to help them learn to live their full lives intentionally. I write in diverse forms – mostly non-fiction, poetry, essays and less of fiction. I express my thoughts, educating about life, people, career development, business growth and strategies and intentional living on my blog here and social media platforms.

As a speaker, I get to meet my audience live, we interact and solve real life issues together. Personally, I love meetings and we maximize such opportunities to connect, learn and grow. As a coach, I lead people to learning the business of their passions. I am a strong advocate of making money (building a business) from your talents, exposure, knowledge, trainings and life experiences to ultimately fulfill God’s purpose for bringing you here. But how do you build a business without money? Money is the oxygen of business, but beyond that, and more importantly you need resourcefulness. That is what we teach in my Facebook Group – an online community dedicating to teaching people the business of their passions. You can make sustainable money doing ONLY what you love, if you have a clearly defined WHY and learn HOW. And there, we preach Christ without words!

I live my life to help folks become all they ever wanted to be. And yes, I do have fun, because variety is the spice of life. I love body building and sharing moments with friends and family. I love adventures and travelling.

Feel free to connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or E-mail.

I am here to help you conquer in life, and live a full life only in your own terms.
Cheers to your greatness!
As always, I love you.

Dr. Henry Emelike