Hi, I'm Henry Emelike.

I am here to inspire and influence people like YOU into God’s Kingdom here on earth.
Yeah! But before we get there, I will help YOU create and live a fulfilled and winning life with maximum influence.
I will help YOU establish a life of clearly defined vision and take YOU through the process of doing exactly the business of what YOU LOVE – YOUR PASSION.



Dr. Henry Emelike
Writer, Public Speaker and Business Coach.

...where are you now? ...which do you seek most?

Get clarity on your VISION?

If you'd have the opportunity to write your eulogy, what will you write in it? What exactly do you want to be remembered for?
That actually, is the first step to trigger the quest for self-awareness.
The question here is: If you don't know where you're headed, how will you know when you arrive?
Put a definition to your life first!
Do you need help here?

Start and grow your

Have you discovered HOW to begin, scale and fulfill YOUR vision yet?
All resources and the resourcefulness you need are embedded in the vision already, but without learning you may never know HOW to unearth them.
And, without the right tools, strategies and systems you cannot make your vision and passion a profitable and scalable business. I can help you with those.

Become a Kingdom

Do you crave to leave an indelible impact on humanity? Do you want to influence people positively and help them ultimately win in the game of life?
The first step to winning in life is getting SAVED.
When you’re saved, you should help others know the Truth that saves.
Will you join us (an army of business-savvy individuals who are sold out to preaching Jesus Christ without words) to win?

Build your own empire!

If you feel the results you’re getting in your life at this moment is not worth your efforts, isn’t it high time you did something different?
Success is paid for in installments and the rent is due daily. ACT NOW!

Hard to keep a reading culture?

Still struggling to finish a single book in a whole month? Never mind, you’re not alone! We solved that challenge for you already in our community.